Concrete Coating Ideas in Ahwatukee

Decorative Concrete Surfaces for Your Ahwatukee Home


Pool Deck Repair

Flagstone-Pool Deck-3


Entryways and Walks



Concrete Floors – Interior

Dark Concrete Stained Floor

Decorative Patio Coatings



Driveway Restoration



Garage Floor Coatings


Fun Facts about Ahwatukee

In 1921 Dr. and Mrs. Ames built a house on the southeast side of South Mountain. 3 years after they moved into it, Dr. Ames passed away. After Mrs. Ames died, the building was willed to St. Lukes Hospital. In 1935, 2 years after Mrs. Ames death, the home was bought by Miss Helen Brinton. Brinton named the town after the crow word, awe chuuke, which means ‘ “land on the other side of the hill” or “land in the next valley”’. That is where Ahwatukee got its name.