Concrete Coatings Ideas in Anthem

Decorative Concrete Surfaces for Your Anthem Home


Pool Deck Repair

Flagstone-Pool Deck-3


Entryways and Walks



Concrete Floors – Interior

Dark Concrete Stained Floor

Decorative Patio Coatings



Driveway Restoration



Garage Floor Coatings


Fun Facts about Anthem

Anthem CommunityDid you know that in Anthem, AZ there is “The Anthem Veterans Memorial… a monument dedicated to honor the service and sacrifice of our country’s armed forces”? There are 5 pillars at the monument which stand for the five branches of the United States military operating faithfully together every day. They are all a different size with their proper military seal. At Exactly 11:11a.m. on veterans day every year, the suns light shines through each of the 5 pillars and displays the perfect image of The Great Seal of the United States shining on the ground. The pavers sit on a circle of “honor” made of bricks engraved with the names of men and women who are serving to show our support for the armed forces. The bricks are red, the pillars are all white and the sky is blue to represent our nations flag.