Decorative Driveway Coatings

Driveway surfaces are brutalized by the elements in the Arizona Climate.  Mostly from the extreme summer heat, an Arizona driveway can be the most unattractive feature of your home.  A collection of tire marks from the super-heated Arizona roads, stains from an over-flowing radiator and occasional mishaps from the do-it-yourself vehicle maintenance, your driveway can be quite unsightly.

Over the years, your driveway can suffer another devastating loss to it’s beauty.  Cracks! You could protect and maintain your driveway surface with extreme care, only to lose to ugly ‘Grim Reaper” of concrete.  Structural cracks in your concrete driveway are those that completely breakthrough from the top of the concrete to the bottom.  These cracks become a conduit for moisture to seep from the surface to the substrate, causing swelling and contracting underneath the concrete that turns a small crack into a big crack over a number of years.

Let AZ Creative surfaces transform your ugly driveway with its ultimate solution, using CenturyStone Concrete Coatings.  With proper cleaning of the surface and sealing of cracks your concrete driveway repair becomes a beautiful finish, with a variety of optional finishes, that comes with a Lifetime Warranty.  Chose which option suits your taste.



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  1. AJ Martinez says:

    I saw your company on “”.
    I am only looking for a small driveway repair. But I would like a quote for a driveway improvement (over existing old concrete driveway) as seen in your examples on the website.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your inquiry. We would be happy to help you. Please call the office during regular business hours and speak to Amanda. She will help you decide if we should come out and give you a free estimate. Please call 480-545-1154.

      Thanks Again.

  2. Bill Ekola says:

    I am considering having my concrete driveway painted.
    It would be a pretty straight forward job with 980sq/ft. The concrete is in good shape and is 7 years old.
    Can you provide me with an approx cost per sq/ft.

    • admin says:

      Our Lifetime coatings range in price from $5 to $6 per square foot, not including removal of any existing coatings that may be present. Remember, in-home estimates are free. Please call the office and speak to Amanda to schedule at your convenience. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Jim Rutherford says:

    I have a driveway in McDowell Ranches I’d like you look at. Please call me at 480 202 3425

  4. Ray Stacey says:

    Do you pour concrete as well? I am interested in widening my driveway and then resurfacing.

    • admin says:

      Yes Ray, we also do concrete. Please call the office to discuss your project with Amanda, 480-545-1154

  5. Alan says:

    My driveway doesn’t have a decorative coating and our HOA won’t permit one; however, I do need to restore the surface to eliminate or cover up paint and oil stains, etc. Do you do non-decorative restoration of driveways in Scottsdale?

    • admin says:

      Yes Alan,
      Please call the office during regular business hours to set up an appointment to have someone meet with you to discuss your project. 480-545-1154. Thank you.