Concrete Coating Ideas in Gold Canyon

Decorative Concrete Surfaces for Your Gold Canyon Home


Pool Deck Repair

Flagstone-Pool Deck-3


Entryways and Walks



Concrete Floors – Interior

Dark Concrete Stained Floor

Decorative Patio Coatings



Driveway Restoration



Garage Floor Coatings


Fun Facts about Gold Canyon

Gold Canyon is a small city with a population (in 2010) of 10,159 and is said to almost double in the winter month with “snow-Birds”. It is one of the newer cities in Arizona; the homes in Gold Canyon did not start being built until about 2000.  Did you know that there were photos from the movie “The Three Amigos” that was actually taken in Gold Canyon? The mountain in the background of the pictures is actually the Superstition Mountains taken from the viewpoint of Gold Canyon.