Is Concrete Staining Right For Me?

Concrete Stained Floors Are More Popular Now Than Ever

The most popular choice for treating concrete surfaces, as a solution to concrete repair and concrete restoration, has become concrete staining. Made popular by the development of acid stains and its unique look it gives to concrete surfaces.

Concrete Staining InteriorIt’s important to note that its most attractive benefit can also be its biggest downfall. Most people are attracted to the unique designs and color blends that are achievable with concrete staining. They might be most drawn to a unique feature created in the staining process that makes each application virtually impossible to duplicate.

Staining concrete surfaces, by nature, does not completely mask the character of the underlying surface it is applied to. This makes each finished surface a direct product of mixing the colors and textures of both the original concrete surface and the overlay of concrete stain. Every concrete surface is different. Therefore, every concrete stained floor or surface will be unique.

What you like about one application of concrete staining may not be present when the exact same process is repeated on another concrete surface.

The happiest customers are those whose expectations are not firmly set on an exact outcome. Those who recognize that the character of their existing concrete will affect the final result are the most suitable customers for concrete staining applications.

Blemishes and defects of the concrete become part of the character of a concrete stained floor. Many happy customers claim this to be the most endearing quality of their new concrete floors.

Dark Concrete Stained FloorArizona Creative Surfaces is immensely qualified to be the applicator and installer of your concrete floor staining. With more than 20 years experience, their crews of virtual artisans can create your masterpiece floor with the very best products and with the very best care.

Are My Floors Suitable for Concrete Stain?

Many who desire to have such unique and beautiful floor finishes do not have the concrete surfaces suitable to create a finished masterpiece to meet your expectations. Some, when they understand the nature of the staining process and the imprecise results, chose not to stain their concrete floors or surfaces.

AZ Creative Surfaces Has a Solution

A specialty of Arizona Creative Surfaces is the application of concrete coatings products that can resurface and restore concrete surfaces and make it possible to use the traditional staining processes to achieve the desired outcome to those who wish to have a concrete stained look for their home.

A Master installer of the premium products manufactured by CenturyStone Concrete Coatings, AZ Creative Surfaces has the expertise to repair and restore concrete to its original, functional condition, suitable for any desired finish with a lifetime warranty.

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