Concrete Coating Ideas in Laveen

Decorative Concrete Surfaces for Your Laveen Home


Pool Deck Repair

Flagstone-Pool Deck-3


Entryways and Walks



Concrete Floors – Interior

Dark Concrete Stained Floor

Decorative Patio Coatings



Driveway Restoration



Garage Floor Coatings


Fun Facts about Laveen

laveenLaveen was founded in 1884 by farmers and Dairymen. Although it was so close to many other cities, it was isolated due to the Salt River with the only bridge crossing of over 6 miles away. Due to the isolation, they were self-sufficient with two pool halls, a repair garage, barbershop, two general stores, and a building for Laveen Women’s club. Walter E Laveen and his Family built the first general store called the “Laveen Store”. The family donated some of their land that was adjacent to their store for a school that was built in 1913 – Laveen School. The school also had the only areas deep well, which supplied for the Laveen store.