Don’t Replace Your Pool Deck – Restore It!

Your Pool is one of your biggest investments for your home.  Unfortunately, its not always your best investment.  But to insure that its not your worst investment, its necessary to keep it maintained.  Pool filters, pumps, auto-levelers, pop-up cleaning heads, your pool maintenance can be significant over the years.  Just the ongoing operational costs can be hundreds of dollars each month.

One of the investments you made to own a pool was to build a pool deck to surround it.  If you are like most home owners, you probably have more than the minimum required size of 300 square feet.  This is bare enough space for 2 people to pass each other, walking around the average sized pool.

The average sized pool deck in Arizona ranges from 450 to 600 square feet.  This original investment usually costs about $3000 just for a concrete slab to surround the pool.  If you want a cooler, more decorated surface you could add another $3000 to $4000 bringing the total cost to $6-7000.  This is just for the pool deck that surrounds your pool.

Just like any other improvement you could make to your home, your pool deck will not last forever.  In fact, withing 4 to 6 years you could be facing another big decision.  Do I spend the money to replace my pool deck or do I live with the cracks, discoloration or delaminating of the pool deck coating?

The additional problem you face is the prospect of having to remove your entire pool deck before you can replace it.  This could add another $2000 to your replacement cost.

Fortunately, Arizona Creative Surfaces has the solution for pool deck repair:

Restore You Pool Deck!

Even after remove and replacing your concrete for your pool deck the new concrete could still crack again.  As a matter of fact, the only guarantees you get with new concrete is that it IS going to crack.  You just don’t know where.

Old concrete that has already cracked is better than new concrete that hasn’t cracked yet.  At least you know where the cracks are.

A concrete pool deck that has cracks is a perfect candidate for a new concrete coating in a random flagstone pattern, incorporating the existing crack lines into an overall pattern of joints for the new coating.

What About The Cracks?

Our process in dealing with cracks include cleaning and sealing the cracks to minimize the moisture that transfers from beneath the concrete to the surface and vice versa.  There is no way to stop it completely, but our efforts reduce the moisture that travels through the crack helps to minimize the swelling and contracting of the ground beneath the concrete that turns small cracks into big cracks.

New concrete can crack in areas that is not predictable.  It is better to know where they are and deal with them head-on than to install a new concrete coatings on new concrete just to have a new crack mar an otherwise beautiful finish.

Maybe your concrete is still in good shape and cracks are not visible in the finish.  In such case there are a variety of other decorative finishes suitable for pool deck coating repair.  Click Here for more options.

Let the artisans of AZ Creative Surfaces transform your existing, unsightly pool deck into a beautiful show piece for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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  2. Lou Porcelli says:

    Would like a quote to repair cracks in my concrete pool deck and recoat the cool deck finish

    • admin says:

      Lou, we would be happy to help you with your project. Please call Amanda, during regular business hours to set up a FREE in-home estimate: 480-545-1153

  3. Aparesh Basu says:

    Would like a quote to repair cracks in my concrete pool deck and recoat the cool deck finish

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your interest! Please call the office during regular business hours to discuss your project. Call 480-545-1154