Concrete Coating Ideas in Sun City

Decorative Concrete Surfaces for Your Sun City Home


Pool Deck Repair

Flagstone-Pool Deck-3


Entryways and Walks



Concrete Floors – Interior

Dark Concrete Stained Floor

Decorative Patio Coatings



Driveway Restoration



Garage Floor Coatings


Fun Facts about Sun City

Sun City In 1960 Sun City, AZ was opened with 5 model homes, a shopping center, golf course and recreation center. The opening of Sun City, brought 100,000 people and was given a Time magazine cover story. Sun City has a museum called the Del Webb Sun Cities Museum. The museum has a book that was written in 1985 about the first 25 years of Sun City. Once the book was finished, they realized that the information in the book should be preserved and they organized “a society that would catalog the materials and serve as a resource for further study. In 1986, the Sun Cities Area Historical Society was incorporated as a non-profit charitable organization for civic and educational purposes”.